Wire Rods

Wire Rods are the backbone of manufacturing development and versatility.

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What is a Wire Rod?

Wire Rods, versatile and elongated steel products derived from billets, are a testament to adaptability. Mainly used in wire drawing and welding, these rods are characterized by round cross-sections and coiled after production for easier handling and transport. Available in multiple diameters, they cater to various applications, highlighting their adaptability.

Wire Rods are particularly valued in the manufacturing sector for their ability to be engineered to meet specific end-product requirements, encompassing distinct mechanical properties and precise dimensions. This versatility and capacity for customization make Wire Rods indispensable, playing a pivotal role in advancing industrial and manufacturing innovations.

Wirerod Production

How is a Wire Rod produced?

The production of wire rods is a process involving precision.

It starts with heating steel billets in a furnace before rolling them into a high-speed wire rod mill. During this process, the steel passes through multiple stands under high temperatures to form the required diameter and shape of the rods. Following shaping, the rods are directed through cooling beds, reducing their temperature to stabilize the microstructure and enhance mechanical properties.

This method ensures that Wire Rods meet diverse industrial needs, allowing them to be engineered for specific applications. Once cooled, the rods are coiled, making them easier to transport and handle.

Due to their adaptability and essential mechanical qualities, they are ready for further processing and use in various manufacturing sectors.

What are the applications of a Wire Rod?

Wire Rods are a foundational component across numerous sectors, catalysing industrial development and underscoring their value in the steel industry’s downstream markets. In construction, they reinforce structures with tie wire and mesh. Automotive industries use them in components like vehicle springs, enhancing safety and functionality. They support agriculture as structural aids and are fundamental in manufacturing consumer goods such as shelving and shopping carts. In healthcare, wire rods are crafted into medical devices, ensuring precision and durability. Aviation relies on them for vital aircraft parts, ensuring structural integrity. Additionally, they play critical roles in defence for ammunition and in electrical applications as conductors. The broad applicability of wire rods across industries like healthcare and aviation showcases their essential contribution to technological progress and industrial growth.

Industry Sectors

Steel Applications Construction Infrastructure


Wire Rods Shock Absorbers


Wire Rods Shopping Trolley


Wire Rods Healthcare


Wire Rods Defence


Wire Rods Aviation


Downstream Products

Wire Rods Nails


Wire Rods Fasteners


ERW Pipe Fencing Wire Mesh Wire Rods

Wire Mesh

Wire Rods Strands


Wire Rods Suspension System


Wire Rods Transmission Cables

Transmission Cables

Production Range

Coil Weight
Annual Capacity
5.5 to 16 mm
1.8 to 2.2 tons
500,000 tons
0.217 to 0.63"
3,970 to 4,850 lbs
1,102,311,310 lbs

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