Board of Directors

Bharat Bhatia


Mr. Bhatia is the formidable founder and CEO of Conares, driving the company to impressive heights as the UAE’s second-largest steel manufacturer, with significant investments totaling USD 700 million. His journey began in 1988 with a modest trading firm, which he skillfully transformed into Conares, now boasting a production of 1.5 million tons of steel annually and providing employment to over 900 individuals. Mr. Bhatia’s exceptional leadership and innovation have not gone unnoticed, garnering him prestigious accolades, including Forbes’ Top Indian Leaders and Entrepreneur of the Year. His entrepreneurial ventures extend beyond steel to the food & beverage and real estate sectors. Bhatia also plays a pivotal role in the industry and community through his chairmanship of the Steel Manufacturers Group (SMG) and the Conares Foundation, alongside active contributions to IBPC, BLF, and SUFI. His passions include golf and theatre, reflecting his diverse interests and dynamic personality.

Jyoti Bhatia

Vice Chairman

For nearly two decades with the company, Mrs. Bhatia has fostered a thriving work environment through strategic HR initiatives and decisive decision-making. Her responsibilities span aligning HR strategies with business objectives, resolving employee concerns, and nurturing positive relations. She oversees performance appraisals and benefits programs and ensures legal compliance. Additionally, she coordinates administrative procedures, assesses staff performance, and streamlines information flow. From budget management to leading CSR endeavors, she adeptly handles all HR and administrative aspects to propel Conares’ success. Beyond her impactful contributions to Conares’ success, she also runs a F&B business, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and diverse expertise.

Vivek Bhatia

Executive Director

Mr. Bhatia joined the company in 2014 after graduating from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Business Management; he is responsible for overseeing all business functions, providing strategic direction, and implementing the Conares vision. His responsibilities include developing growth strategies, creating comprehensive business plans, developing new markets, diversifying the product portfolio, and nurturing a solid leadership team. He ensures adherence to policies and legal guidelines, oversees investments and growth plans, and maintains stakeholder trust. Additionally, he reviews reports, formulates remedial actions, and supports the CEO in significant activities. With a focus on optimizing expenses and motivating employees, he plays a vital role in daily operations, setting ambitious growth goals. Outside work, he indulges in golf, photography, and technology.

Kush Bhatia

Executive Director

Mr. Bhatia has been instrumental in overseeing the company’s commercial operations since joining in 2017 following his graduation from The University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, International Business, and Finance. His proactive approach has enabled him to navigate dynamic global economies, successfully expanding Conares presence across international markets. Demonstrating a relentless drive for success, he has achieved consistent year-on-year growth in international and overall commercial business throughout his tenure. Beyond his professional pursuits, he maintains a keen interest in football, theatre, and filmmaking.

Vijit Malik

Non-Executive Director

With over 30 years of experience in banking, Mr. Malik brings invaluable expertise to the Conares board, having held key positions in international and regional financial institutions such as Mashreq Bank, United Arab Bank, Credit Suisse, and ABN Amro Bank. Renowned for his strategic prowess, he has consistently delivered impressive profit and asset growth performance in wholesale banking. His extensive corporate governance experience, including participation in various committees, underscores his commitment to excellence. As an excellent risk and resource management professional, his insights drive the company’s capital raising and allocation objectives.

Massimo Falcioni

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Falcioni is a highly accomplished board member acknowledged as one of Forbes’s Top 100 CEOs in the Middle East. With over three decades of experience, he has spearheaded initiatives fostering trade, exports, and investments across Europe and the Middle East, driving sustained revenue and EBITDA growth. His distinguished career includes significant roles as CEO of Euler Hermes for the GCC Countries (Allianz Trade) and CEO of the Middle East region at Coface, solidifying his expertise in credit insurance and financial services. These positions have equipped him with profound insights into navigating intricate economic landscapes and implementing growth strategies across diverse markets. His appointments as CEO of Etihad Credit Insurance and Chief Competitiveness Officer at Abu Dhabi Investment Office underscore his dedication to fortifying the UAE’s economic diversification by facilitating non-oil exports and international investments.

Dennis Ruf

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ruf is a dynamic and accomplished professional in the steel industry, boasting extensive experience in sales, business development, and leadership. With a proven track record of success, he has spearheaded the growth of numerous companies in the global steel trading sector. His expertise lies in establishing strategic partnerships, expanding market reach, and consistently delivering exceptional results. A visionary leader, he maximizes profitability and nurtures long-term relationships with clients and partners. As a seasoned expert in the field, he brings invaluable insights and strategic guidance to his role as a Non-Executive Director, supporting Conares’ ongoing development with a focus on excellence and relationship-building.