Color Coated Coils

Color Coated Coils can be highly customized to meet the niche requirements of consumers.

Color-Coated Coil

What is a Color-Coated Coil?

A color-coated coil, also known as a pre-painted coil, is a metal coil coated with a layer of paint or a specialized coating, enhancing its appearance and providing a robust shield against corrosion. The base material of the metallic coil can be aluminum or steel coated with a substrate like Zinc, Zinc Aluminum or Zinc Magnesium.

This metal coil is about aesthetics and protection. It is extensively used in industries like construction, automotive, healthcare, and white goods. The color-coating process adds color and durability to the coil, making it perfect for decorative purposes or to meet specific design requirements.

Color Coated Coil

How are Color-Coated Coils produced?

A color-coated coil is not just a metal coil but a product that undergoes a meticulous multi-step production process to ensure its appearance and protection against corrosion.

The process includes surface preparation, pre-treatment, primer application, coating application, curing, drying, finishing, and quality control. The coil is first degreased and then chemically prepared with surface conditioning. The paint is then applied via applicator rolls and passed through drying ovens. Once dried, the coil is recoiled, weighed, tagged, and packed – ready to be delivered anywhere in the world.

This rigorous process is a testament to the quality and reliability of our color-coated coils. Additional finishing processes may be applied depending on the design specifications.

What are the applications of Color-Coated Coils?

Color-coated coils open a world of possibilities across various industries with their versatility, durability, and aesthetic options. These coils are preferred in multiple industries due to their numerous advantages.

In the construction industry, they are commonly used for roof and wall cladding. In automotive manufacturing, they are utilized for exterior body parts. These coils are also popular in White Goods as they enhance the visual appeal and provide protection against moisture and stains. Additionally, they are used to create attractive signage and advertising materials. In furniture and interior fit-outs, color-coated coils serve as decorative elements. They are also essential in electrical and electronics applications for cabinets and casings.


Wall Claddings


White Goods



Production Range

Inner Diameter
Annual Capacity
0.18 to 1.00 mm
600 to 1250 mm
508 / 610 mm
4 to 10 tons
60,000 tons
0.007 to 0.0394”
24 to 48"
20 / 24"
8,800 to 22,000 lbs
13,227,736 lbs

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