Our Experience

Since its inception in 1988, Conares initially focused on steel trading. Having built extensive partnerships with renowned steel plants across the world, it brought the world-best competencies to the region, by setting up its own state of art manufacturing facility in UAE.

Our Production

With a strong focus on meeting industry demands, Conares produces a range of high-quality steel products to cater to global requirements. Diversified across pipes, rebars, and color coated coils, it has a total manufacturing capacity of over 1,500,000 tons annually. Conares’ commitment to quality, reliability, and meeting customer needs; cements its position as a trusted partner for steel products worldwide.

Annual Capacity in '000 Tons

Our Location

From its central location in Dubai, UAE; Conares serves an extensive network of clientele including pre-engineering companies, steel trading companies and construction majors not in the Middle East but across wider markets that are easily accessed from its headquarters.

Our Team

Led by a team of experienced & skilled professionals, Conares has set new benchmarks in the steel industry. Conares is led by the vision to support the region’s infrastructure development by providing world-class steel products through long-term partnerships.


At Conares, every business partnership, each product, every process & any aspect of service is defined by three core values…

Trust, Quality & Strength.