Green Initiatives

Conares is actively implementing several initiatives to reinforce its commitment towards sustainability by demonstrating it through tangible actions. 

Each step we take aims to reduce our environmental impact, promote resource conservation, and lead the way in sustainable manufacturing practices.

Lowest Carbon Footprint

Conares takes pride in achieving the lowest carbon footprint among steel producers for its rebars in the region, a status validated by the Environment Product Declaration. This milestone reflects our relentless pursuit of eco-friendly manufacturing processes significantly reducing carbon emissions. By adopting advanced technologies and sustainable practices, we ensure that our operations contribute minimally to carbon emissions, setting new benchmarks for environmental stewardship in the steel manufacturing industry.

Solar Power Generation

Embracing the power of the sun, Conares has embarked on an ambitious solar energy project, installing solar panels across all our facilities. This initiative is a cornerstone of our strategy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, harnessing renewable energy to power our operations. The move decreases our carbon footprint and aligns with the global shift towards sustainable energy sources, marking a significant step forward in our sustainability journey.

Water Conservation

Understanding the precious nature of freshwater, Conares has implemented a water treatment plant to significantly reduce water consumption across our operations. This plant treats and recycles water, ensuring our manufacturing processes are efficient and environmentally friendly. Through this initiative, we aim to minimize our impact on the planet’s water resources, contributing to a sustainable future.

Energy Efficiency

Conares has taken decisive action in our quest for sustainability to enhance energy efficiency within our mills. By installing Regenerative AC Drives and transitioning from DC to AC Motors, we’ve optimized our energy usage, reducing electricity consumption substantially. These technological upgrades not only lower our energy costs but also contribute to a decrease in the overall energy demand of our manufacturing processes, exemplifying our commitment to energy conservation.

Eco-friendly Lighting

Transitioning to LED lighting across our facilities represents another step towards reducing our environmental impact. LED lights offer a more energy-efficient lighting solution, significantly lowering energy consumption compared to traditional lighting options. This switch contributes to our energy efficiency goals and enhances our employees’ working environment, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and worker welfare.

Greening our Space

Conares is committed to enhancing biodiversity and creating a greener workspace. By planting over 500 trees across our facilities and irrigating them with sustainably processed water, we contribute to beautifying our environment while improving air quality. This initiative offsets our carbon emissions and provides a healthier and more pleasant environment for our community and local wildlife.


Our zero-waste initiative underscores Conares’ holistic approach to sustainability. We ensure that 100% of the by-products from our production processes are recycled, minimizing waste in landfills. This comprehensive recycling program conserves resources and reduces environmental pollution, reinforcing our dedication to a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem.