Green Manufacturing

Forging a Sustainable Tomorrow

At Conares, sustainability is not an option; it’s our way of life. Guided by the principle that the future belongs to those who innovate and sustain, we embed sustainability into the core of our operations. As one of UAE’s largest steel manufacturers, we are deeply committed to pioneering a greener, more sustainable future for steel manufacturing. This commitment is not just ours but a collective effort that includes you, our stakeholders. Our bold stride towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is evident, aligning with the UAE’s visionary environmental goals.

Join us as we navigate our sustainability journey together, marked by innovative practices, strategic collaborations, and a steadfast dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing.

Explore how sustainability is woven into our manufacturing.

Net Zero 2050

Spearheading green steel manufacturing with a commitment to achieve net zero by 2050.

Green Initiatives

Tangible steps taken to minimize our carbon footprint and conserve the environment.

Study: Expo 2020

Showcasing our sustainable practices through our pivotal role in Expo 2020.