Net Zero 2050

Visioning the Future: Achieving Net Zero by 2050 at Conares

At Conares, our vision for a sustainable future is a response to global environmental challenges and a proactive stride towards redefining the essence of steel manufacturing within a green economy. Our pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and leadership in the steel industry. It embodies our responsibility towards our planet and future generations, aligning seamlessly with the UAE’s environmental goals and global sustainability targets.
Green Steel Making - Electric Arc Furnace

Spearheading Green Steel Manufacturing

Conares is not just participating in the green manufacturing revolution; we are leading it. Our steel plants, epitomizing sustainable industrial operations, are setting benchmarks for the global steel industry. This leadership is further exemplified by our support of national and global initiatives like UAE’s “Operation 300bn” and Dubai’s “D33,” which aim to foster economic diversification through sustainable industrial growth.

Strategic Roadmap to Net Zero

Our journey to net zero is mapped with clear milestones and robust strategies to ensure transparency, accountability, and impactful progress. By 2040, we aim to achieve 50% of our net zero goals, setting the stage for complete carbon neutrality by 2050. This ambitious, achievable roadmap is anchored in innovation, efficiency, and collaborative partnerships.

Innovative Manufacturing

We are transforming our production processes to minimize carbon emissions, integrating cutting-edge technologies that enhance efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Renewable Energy Integration

A significant shift towards solar and other renewable energy sources across our operations marks our move away from fossil fuels, significantly cutting down our carbon footprint.

Circular Economy Principles

By embracing circular economy principles, we maximize the recyclability of our products and minimize waste, thereby reducing our primary material dependency and conserving natural resources.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration exemplifies our approach to leverage synergies in logistics and trade to optimize our supply chain from a sustainability perspective, reducing transportation and material handling emissions.

Our Commitment to Action

  • Energy: Introducing regenerative AC drives in our mills captures and reuses energy, minimizing electricity consumption.
  • Water: Our Water Treatment Plant showcases our commitment to reducing freshwater use, with over 500 trees planted and irrigated with recycled water.
  • Waste: Our zero-waste philosophy ensures that 100% of by-products from our production processes are recycled, turning waste into resources.

Aligning with National and Global Sustainability Goals

Our net zero commitment is in harmony with the UAE’s Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap and the global urgency to combat climate change. As hosts to the UN Climate Conference COP 28, our dedication to sustainability resonates with the UAE’s pledge to global environmental stewardship, presenting Conares as a pillar of industrial sustainability on the world stage.
We invite our stakeholders, partners, and communities to join us in this monumental journey towards a net zero future. Through collective efforts and shared visions, we can forge a sustainable path for the steel industry, making a lasting impact on our planet and ensuring a prosperous future for all. 

Join Us on Our Journey to Net Zero