Study: Expo 2020

Embedding Sustainability in Legacy

At Conares, we believe that sustainability is the foundation upon which the future must be built.

Expo 2020 set forth four key sustainability objectives. Conares proudly aligned its manufacturing practices to contribute to this monumental event’s sustainable legacy. We’ve showcased how sustainability and competitiveness can coexist harmoniously through strategic product lifecycle management, diligent waste management, and innovative energy and utilities management.

Expo 2020

4 key sustainability objectives

  • Leaving a legacy of sustainable infrastructure and future-oriented sustainable practices.
  • Catalyzing sustainability efforts in Dubai and the UAE.
  • Increasing public awareness by engaging society on sustainability principles and sustainable living.
  • Developing scalable sustainability solutions, extending their benefits to the broader economy.
Conares Product Wirerod

Sustainable Manufacturing by Conares

Key Highlights:

  • Balance between sustainability and competitiveness
  • Effective product lifecycle management
  • Energy and utilities management
  • Total quality environmental management
  • Diligent waste management
  • Applying reverse logistics
  • Maintaining the Green Supply Chain

Conares Approach

3R as an ‘Umbrella’ Concept – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our operations are guided by the 3R principle, influencing every pillar of our production cycle. This holistic approach ensures minimized environmental impact and promotes sustainable practices.






A Commitment Delivered

Our contribution to Expo 2020’s sustainability goals has been recognized, showcasing Conares as a model for sustainable manufacturing. Our efforts in producing environmentally friendly rebar, marked by high recycled content and low water usage, underscore our commitment to sustainable development. Conares contributed effectively to Expo 2020’s sustainability objectives by value-engineering its processes.
“We have used your rebar for the majority of our projects. Thank you for the excellent performance Conares has on the high recycled content, low global warming potential, and low water usage in making rebar.”
Suad Miriam Habib

Environmental & Sustainability Coordinator, Laing O'Rourke Middle East

Join us as we push the boundaries of what is possible for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.